The Ruby Tape




Welcome to The Ruby Tape. This is my 7th instrumental tape I've released since I started producing. I thank you for taking the time to read this and listen to the music.
I've put A LOT of work into this tape, I'm in a constant battle with myself, always trying to outdo myself. Hopefully I achieved that with this tape.

I'd like to start the Thank You's,

Julian - Thank you for being supportive since day 1, I know we don't kick it as often as we used to but I know you're busy being a father and I respect you for that. Can't wait for the wedding. Congratulations brother.

Keaton - I hope all is going well in the army with you, without you none of this would be possible. So thank you again for you gift. I Love you Brother and I can't wait to kick it again.

Austin - So much to say about this dude, his energy, his creativity, just his being, its a pleasure to be around and I'm sooo grateful to have you in my life man. I love you Brother. Can't wait until the world hears our tunes. TRVWLxGVY FOREVER.

Darian - You're an inspiration to me whether you know it or not, you're such a talented individual and I know we're gonna take this music shit to the next level. K-L-B-T-S! BOT! I Love you Brother, and I look forward to working more with you in the future.

Mom - I'm sorry I'm not the son you wanted me to be, I know I give you a hard time but I'm just trying to live out my dream. I hope you can respect that, and I know one day it'll take us somewhere. I love you.

Dad - I'm sorry I'm not the son you wanted me to be, I know how much you want for me but I want more than that. I love this music and I'm not going to stop until I see that light. I hope you can respect my decisions and support me through it. I love you.

Megan - You're a bitch but I love the shit out of you. Hey look, you made the cover! <3 W$107

Aunt Eva - I know you won't read this or even hear my music but I just wanna assure you that I will do big things and I will prove you right. I love you and I hope we can see each other again soon. Dinner would be nice, how about you make some Jambalaya again? :D

and lastly I wanna thank myself for not stopping and continuing to pursue my dreams. so much has changed since The Pink Tape and its all for the better.
so many new connections, networking is key. like my friend Allen said, "Your network is your NET WORTH" and I'm slowly but surely building a network.
I'd like to thank any and everyone who listens to this tape, I'm sure not a lot of you will actually pay for it but if you enjoy the tape all I ask is that you share it in an effort to help push the music out there. without the "fans" I'm nothing. so spread the word about the TRVWLWAVE and enjoy the music! :D

P.S. - shout out to my FWAY NATION fam and my 2.7.5. ATL niggas. Glendino, Ryan, Allen & all my fam everywhere. we all gon eat man. we just gonna put in this work first.

I Love You All & Thank You Once Again.

- Justin (TRVWL)


released October 15, 2012

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